A rush to the finish

Kaye LopezShe is a competitor at heart, having been a member of the National Triathlon Team, National Cycling Team and National Duathlon Team. But that wasn’t enough for this achiever. From being team captain of the first all-women multi sport team, Kaye Lopez eventually found another love— training to be a chef. Now a culinary student, Kaye is going all out to excel in the kitchen.

A lifetime of achievement

Since she was young, Kaye has always been an achiever. Her life has been spent trying out new things and excelling in them. Throughout her life, she has collected a number of achievements and successes.

“My parents always encouraged me to engage in extracurricular activities. I’ve tried almost everything— piano, voice, drums, gymnastics, ballet, tennis, taekwondo, table tennis, badminton, scuba diving, volleyball, etc.— and all of these I was able to achieve while being a consistent honor student.”

For Kaye, it has always been a balancing act between excelling in sports and in school. She graduated among the top 10 of her batch in one of the most prestigious high schools of the country— the Philippine Science High School. During this time, she was also honored with the Athlete of the Year award. In her senior year of college, she graduated cum laude for BS Psychology at the University of Philippines. What makes it more impressive is that during this time, she was also training to compete for the Southeast Asian games.

Even before she studied cooking full-time, Kaye already made inroads in the culinary field. She was a co-owner of a small meal delivery business called Fresh Start Meal Program. They delivered diet meals to people who wanted to lose weight. Her life revolved around fitness and nutrition, and she loved every bit of it.

Her most recent achievement is one as a culinary student. Being invited by one of her professors to be a student assistant at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management was a great experience, and something she is incredibly proud of.

The perfect balance

For Kaye, It’s all about balance. With everything she has on her plate, balance plays a crucial part in her everyday life.

“I think being an achiever means being the best and finding balance in all aspects of your life—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.” Her secret is making sure she keeps herself both physically and mentally fit to face the challenges she sets for herself. Because of this, she’s able to make time for everything close to her heart. Of course, despite her full schedule, she never forgets her friends and family.

“I am blessed to have friends and family who understand how important and demanding school is right now. I try my best to make time for them, even if I have to split myself into several pieces in order to accommodate everyone.”

Rush to more success

So what’s next for this multi-achiever? It wouldn’t be surprising to see her as a world-renowned chef one day. You can’t help but wonder what she’ll do next. Of course, she doesn’t see herself giving up sports completely. But for now, her plan is to finish culinary school and focus on cooking.

As for the source of her success, God is in control Kaye says. “There is no defeat when God is in control. Everything is part of his grand plan and always for the good for those who believe. It’s all about passion, discipline, commitment and hard work. About focusing all your energy in achieving your goals.”

“If you put your heart, mind and spirit in a physical activity that you enjoy doing, then it will radiate into other aspects of your life— faith family, career and relationships.” Now that’s what we call a winning philosophy.

Be fit to achieve

The perfect balance. That’s how Kaye reached her goals. With the perfect balance, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. That’s why Kaye keeps herself both mentally and physically fit everyday with Rush Fitness Water. It helps Kaye to stay fit and focused so she’s ready to face her daily activities.

Studies show that energy, body fluids and electrolytes are depleted as we go about our daily activities. When we get dehydrated, our anxiety level tends to soar, giving way to the onset of stress. Since the brain is 75% water, and our muscles are about 60% water, it makes sense that we perform and think more clearly when we are properly hydrated.

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