A rush to success

Patrick SorianoPatrick doesn’t only top his basketball games, he also tops his classes. It’s hard to find young men like him these days. But for this multiple-time honor student and MVP, it’s not that hard to do what he does. “I’ve practically been this way my whole life. My parents raised me very well, making sure that I have my priorities straight and to ensure that I am wise when making decisions.”

Indeed, he had it in him since he was young. Patrick was part of the International School of Manila’s basketball program for 7 years and was team captain and MVP since he was in 9th grade. Since then, he has constantly won not only games but also awards like The Coaches’ Choice award, All-tournament award, and Team sportsmanship award year after year.

His achievement goes beyond the court however, as he was placed in the math honors class when he was in high school and was constantly in the honors list of students in his school.

But his proudest moment was when his team defeated a team which lost only twice in its 27 preliminary games. “I’ll never forget being one of those two teams that achieved such an underdog victory.”

Best of both worlds

Patrick sees himself just like any student his age. “I myself love sitting down with a great game on the PS3, or at an internet café with some friends.” He makes it a point that he lives a balanced life. He defies conventional school stereotypes, being both a “jock” and a “whiz.” Of course, he manages to enjoy time with friends, family and loved ones.

What makes him different is his passion. Patrick has a true love for his sport and has untiring drive to do just as well in his schoolwork.

Inspiration to achieve

His parents, his coaches and his friends are the people who drive him to do his best. They are his inspirations and his greatest supporters. But he is most thankful and inspired by one special person: “God, it’s all about him. This may seem like a very cliché answer but it’s the truth!”

A boy who has achieved so much yet remains so humble is such a rare quality in young people these days. At a very young age, he has developed a close relationship with God, and it is because of this, Patrick says, that he is who he is today. He attributes all his talents and successes to the Almighty.

“Before every test, game, trip and so much more, I am sure to pray a good prayer. It has absolutely paved a way for success in my life, from then until now, and for the future to come.”

Secrets to Success

How does he do it? One just has to wonder. Passion, and a clear goal does it for Patrick. Having fun with what he does helps too. “It’s very important to go outside, catch some sun, work up a sweat and have fun playing sports!”

Of course, he makes it a point to keep himself both physically and mentally fit. He does this by working hard and by getting his daily dose of Rush Fitness Water. Being fit isn’t his only goal, however. All his actions are part of his commitment to live a life full of meaning. It’s a good thing he started young. “Being fit allows one to live longer, be more confident and even live a fuller life.” Indeed, Patrick is well on his way to living a full and fulfilled life.

Be Fit to achieve

Patrick’s secret? It’s simple. He makes it a point to always keep himself both mentally and physically fit to help him keep in tip top shape both for sports and school. He does this by exercising regularly, studying well, and getting his daily dose of Rush Fitness Water.

Studies show that energy, body fluids and electrolytes are depleted as we go about our daily activities. When we get dehydrated, our anxiety level tends to soar, giving way to the onset of stress. Since the brain is 75% water, and our muscles are about 60% water, it makes sense that we perform and think more clearly when we are properly hydrated.

Rush Fitness Water is enhanced with just the right amount of electrolytes and minerals our body needs in carrying out daily activities. Since it keeps energy and hydration in perfect balance all day, Rush helps us stay in top physical and mental condition everyday.

Rush Fitness Water is for the Active Achiever like Patrick. If you too live an active lifestyle, going for your goals everyday and determined to achieve — then Rush Fitness Water is for you!

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